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FactSuite does background verification only after obtaining a written consent from the person on whom the verification is being done. As per privacy laws we cannot conduct a background check on your potential employee/tenant/ support staff without their signed consent.

A green colour indicates that we have not found any adverse remarks or discrepancies against the applicant. All the checks have cleared.
An Amber (orange) colour indicates that we proceeded with the verification, however only partial information was available at the verification source’s end. This could be a result of:

  • The source did not have the data
  • The source no longer exists, Ex: company shut down,
  • The source refused to provide the data

A red colour code indicates that we have found adverse remarks or discrepancies against the applicant. One or more parameters claimed by the applicant differ from the source’s verification.

FactSuite follows stringent quality checks and verification processes. All our verifications are substantiated by the issuing authorities; all reports are backed up by the authorized agencies

FactSuite ensures Information Security at the highest level. Our processes are strictly monitored and adhere to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards, thereby ensuring confidentiality & privacy while keeping your information secure.

An Employment Verification Form(EVF) is a mandatory document that is filled by the potential employee/tenant/ support staff which includes all the information that is essential for conducting their background verification.

FactSuite provides services to Countries across the globe. Our checks are designed to abide by the Law of the land and at the same time offer comprehensive coverage of a wide range of checks.  

Yes. You can select either our packages which are designed to guide you with regard to what could be suitable for your requirements or select & customise from our wide array of checks that are available.

We have a system of regular automated reminders as well as a dedicated team in place that gets in touch with the potential employee/tenant/ support staff in order to ensure the missing information is sought in time and the verification is completed.

Yes, a refund is possible. Please refer to our Cancellation/refund policy for further details.

Yes, you can select from 3 delivery speeds which are 15 days, 10 days and 7 business days, respectively.

Business days refers to working days, and excludes all holidays and non-working days.

Yes. FactSuite is a globally recognised and accredited verification company, and our report will contain all the necessary supporting documents validating and authenticating the credentials you want to verify.

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