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Why Choose FactSuite as Your Background Verification Partner? Part 1

2022-01-18 12:08:48

Be it a budding company or an established conglomerate, hiring a new candidate is an investment for everyone in the corporate world. Therefore, the hiring managers are assiduous when they hire people to fill a position in their organization. But with false claims on their resumes and the fake-it-till-you-make-it approach in an interview process, many bad hires sneak into the company, thus, putting at risk its workplace safety and work standards. 

With such instances becoming increasingly common, the process of employee background screening comes as a relief. A background or pre-employment screening covers identity verification, criminal history, educational background, and many different areas. All these relevant details assist companies in making a sound hiring decision.

But can a company undertake employee background verification on its own? The answer is yes! However, with its limited resources and know-how of the field, an organization may end up with a wrong hire. Further, in the case of bulk-hiring, the background check may take longer than expected, considering other tasks and priorities of the hiring manager or HR department. So, what is the solution? It is a dedicated background verification company with immense experience and proficiency in the field.

FactSuite – India’s most preferred employee verification services brand – is committed to serving organizations with efficient verification processes. With our multidisciplinary team of professional information analysts, we verify candidates’ data quickly and effectively.

If you are looking for a background screening partner, FactSuite is here to end your search. Here are five reasons to choose us for the background check of your potential candidates and current employees.

  • Trusted Data Sources: We have a strong network and link with police departments, courts, government bodies & authorities, educational institutions across India. With such a trusted connection with different entities and data sources, we provide reliable results to our clients. These authentic sources enable us to adopt a holistic approach to verify employees on various levels of the organization under different heads such as
    • Employment History
    • Educational Achievements
    • Reference Check
    • Criminal Record
    • Credit Record
    • Drug Abuse and many more.

All in all, with our legit data sources backed by an analytics framework, we let our clientele make an educated hiring decision.

  • Accelerated Hiring Process: Along with a professional team, we have cutting-edge technology and automated workflows in place that make the task of employee background verification a breeze. With our TAT compliance and proven systematic approach, we help organizations speed up their hiring process. Our multiple internal databases further boost the hiring pace, thereby making employment verification a seamless task. At FactSuite, we keep improving and optimizing these workflows and processes to ensure that our clients close qualified candidates faster.
  • Data-Driven Hiring: Those days are long past when gut feeling or luck were the driving forces behind hiring. Today, it is the numbers and data influencing the hiring decision. We fathom it well and, therefore, conduct a 360° screening to produce high-quality reports teeming with actionable insights and analytics. 

Prepared by background screening experts, these in-depth reports lay the cornerstone of quality hiring. When a wealth of tangible facts and stats influence a hiring decision, companies can hire fast and attract the right talent essential to meet business objectives. Indeed, a scientific way to keep up with workforce planning.

  • Customized CRM: Spreadsheets now are a victim of a plethora of inefficiencies that prevent them from being the powerful tool they once were. FactSuite reduces your dependency on spreadsheets with a generic and bespoke CRM that lets you access your report anytime and anywhere. This CRM is a data-driven dashboard with tons of essential features placed on it strategically. Easy on eyes, the dashboard boasts an elegant user interface and allows its users to:
    • Track case status in real-time,
    • Upload/download case documents,
    • Perform trend analysis,
    • See completed and clear cases,
    • Note discrepancies,
    • Receive notifications and updates,
    • Contact the support team and undertake many other functionalities

With all the employee background check data in one place, it is easy to make an informed hiring decision.

  • Excellent Customer Experience: Customer experience is a critical factor that differentiates us from others. Through our various digital touchpoints, we deliver foolproof solutions that are centered around our esteemed customers. With a dedicated CSM, bespoke CRM, help desk, and easy access to the team, we ensure high customer engagement. 

We give an apex priority to the data security and privacy of our customers. And thus, we protect our customers’ data through our stringent ISMS-compliant procedures. By being reactive and proactive towards our customers and their concerns, we deliver a top-notch customer experience that evokes positive emotions for the brand.


In Conclusion

For many organizations, pre-employment screening is a daunting task. But FactSuite – one of the leading background verification companies in India – has a different experience to share. With its professional team of analysts, advanced technology, updated tools, and immense experience, FactSuite is making a valuable contribution in the employment verification space.

The aforementioned features offered by FactSuite help businesses verify their potential candidates without hassles. Still skeptical? Well, more features coming your way. Stay tuned to the blog section for part 2.

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