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What Makes Contract-Based Support Staff Verification the Need of the Hour?

2022-05-25 07:58:21

Contract-based support staff verification is necessary to address vulnerabilities and create a safe environment in commercial and residential establishments. While hiring employees or finalizing tenants [by property owners], there are verification checks to confirm the credentials furnished by the candidates and renters. Organizations and proprietors leverage these checks to safeguard their workplace and property, respectively. However, they skip this critical screening step when it comes to contract-based staff, considering their short-term tenure. Overlooking the verification of support staff may lead to unfortunate incidents, thus inviting legal and financial troubles.


To steer clear of hapless situations arising due to the actions of contract-based staff, it is highly recommended to screen them before hiring. Here’s why you should consider verification for contract-based support staff.


  • Verification at the Start, Keep Criminal Intentions Apart: It’s a contract-based job. In other words, the responsibilities of the support personnel will end after a fixed period. Perhaps, the one you have hired without verification may build an intention to conduct a crime at your organization, society, or home in that span. Or worse, the recruit already had an aim to execute an unlawful act right from the very beginning. 


Why wait for an untoward event to take place when support staff screening has got your back? With criminal background check as one of its components, support staff verification searches candidate’s records across all the Indian courts. It informs you in advance if there is any criminal history of your potential support staff, thus, empowering you with actionable insights, data, and details to make a knowledgeable decision.


  • Unveil Support Staff’s Experience with Screening: In a colossal and competitive support staff employment market, people resort to unfair practices such as misrepresentation of total experience. They do it to ensure that they don’t lose the opportunity just because they have a short length of employment compared to others. If you were looking for an immensely experienced person or someone with an excellent stability record, the new hire, who has fudged their total experience, is sure to disappoint you.


Employment verification is one such element of the support staff screening process that ensures peace of mind for you by verifying the candidate’s professional experience from their previous employers. Backing this component up is the reference check that conducts a telephonic interview with the professional/personal reference provided by the support staff applicant. With both these significant checks, you can rest assured that you will end up with a highly experienced contract-based support staff.


  • Professional Documents Forgery - No More a Headache: Let’s take an example of a chauffeur. You have hired one for just a few days for a specific task. They claim that they have a valid driving license, and a quick look at it leads you to believe the same. But little did you know that it’s a fake one. Now imagine the legal troubles that may come in your way in the case of any unexpected occurrence. From any major event such as an accident to a minor offense such as jumping a signal, you’d be laying up trouble for yourself if your temporary support staff had forged their driving permit. Moreover, with such a fake document, you don’t know if the person you have hired is really professional, and consequently, you are taking a chance with your asset as well.


Support staff screening safeguards you from contract-based service providers holding fake documents. The screening process entails professional license and certificate verification. With such an important component, a candidate's profession-related license and certificate credentials can be examined and verified. All in all, support staff verification keeps those with forged documents at bay, hence protecting you and your valuable assets.


  • For Temporary Staff that is Fit as a Fiddle: The work duration is already short in the case of contract-based support staff. In such a limited span, you don’t want to hire someone with prolonged illness. To grab the opportunity, there is a probability that the candidate won’t disclose the details of any health issue. Therefore, the responsibility lies on your shoulder to find if they are physically and mentally healthy to carry out the job. 


A comprehensive support staff background check includes the component of health check, wherein packaged health screening comprising profiling of liver, lipid, kidney, thyroid, diabetes, and hemogram is thoroughly conducted. Furthermore, health has taken center stage for everyone in this pandemic. Thus, have someone fit for your contract-based job with support staff screening.


To Sum Up


In a contract-based support staff arrangement, where the work tenure is fixed, all focus is on productivity. Be it your home or workplace, you look forward to getting the task completed in the time agreed upon at the start of the contract. Health issues, fake identities, forged professional and experience certificates, and fraud support staff with an intention to commit a crime are some of the factors that can impede the work severely. However, all these issues and situations can be averted with support staff verification.


Packed with essential components and elements, the support staff background check procedure thoroughly screens the potential contract-based staff and assures that you end up hiring genuine temporary support personnel for your home, residential society, or organization.


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