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Upcycling – The Miracle Process of Saving the Planet

2022-05-25 10:52:11

Recycling is a word we all are well aware of. There is hardly anyone who is not acquainted with what recycling is. It is one of the best methods and most sought ones to ensure minimalistic use of resources and making accurate use of products already available in the environment. Having said that, there is also another method that is soon turning into a buzzword amongst environment lovers. It is upcycling. However, there does exist a lot of confusion when it comes to understanding both the words separately. While they both are connected yet they are two separate terms that relate to securing the environment and planet per se.


Moving towards a constructive process

Many companies deal with environment preservation opting for recycle and upcycle processes including them in their processing of trash. Max Xchange is one of the top companies that work towards smart waste management company in Gurgaon. The company incepted by young ecopreneur Mr. Vishwajeet Singh Kanwar deals into converting trash into treasure by using the process of recycling and upcycling.


Through this article, we have dealt in detail about what is the major difference between the two. Along with it also elucidates on how each method can be used to bring on a sustainable change in the planet.


What is Upcycling?

Similar to recycling, upcycling also involves waste and trash. Besides, it also includes the methods of how you can convert unwanted materials into useful products by adding new lease of life to it. So let's know what upcycling means in exact terms.


Upcycling as the word resonates is the process of converting objects and materials into a higher value product than what they were in originality. This includes adding a unique aspect to the process which raises the value of the item in comparison to what it was in its original form.


For example, Max Rebuilds Unique recycled gift items including paper pens and pencils are created using the upcycling method. The papers are cut into equal lengths of pens and pencils, soaked in special glue, rolled over graphite, and refills. The process doesn’t end here, and here is where upcycling makes its grand entry. The pens and pencils are inserted with a biodegradable capsule that when sown into mud grows into a plant. This not only modifies the product from its original form but also rebuilds its value that is advantageous to the environment.


Highly creative

Creativity is an important aspect of the mode of upcycling than just thinking of practical usage. It mainly involves converting an old product into its functional form by adding in some creativity as explained in the above example of Max Rebuilds. While the main component therein remains papers that are converted into pens and pencils yet it doesn’t remain pens and pencils merely.



On the other hand, here comes a term we are well acquainted with – Recycling. It is the method of refurbishing or repurposing waste materials and unwanted items into its useful form. It is an umbrella term that encompasses other minor terms like upcycling, downcycling as well as refurbishing. Thus, we can term that upcycling is not solely upgrading items into their useful form but also recycling in broader prospects.


Downcycling – the other extreme of upcycling

When we speak of upcycling, it is difficult to miss out on the other extreme opposite of the term downcycling. In comparison to upcycling where the value of the product is upgraded, downcycle is creating products that are lower than the value of the actual original product.

For example, plastic toys that degrade overtime are downcycled into plastics of lower value than its actual make.


Upcycling – The need of the hour?

Over years, upcycling is turning into a popular method of recycling that is applied in large by many environmental lovers. More and more businesses are using it as a popular method for recycling. It adds value to recycled products in addition to making it advantageous for the planet at large. It deals with converting yesterday's paper into a flower vase or pens, pencils, etc. Or converting a plastic bottle into a garden planter.

The biggest aim of upcycling is to make accurate use of waste and turn them into useful stuff that is useful as well as new.


Max Rebuilds – Adding life to trash

Max Rebuilds with its unique approach to trash and waste available in landfills and households. These are segregated and converted into useful items through the process of recycling. The company collects waste from landfills and other mediums to make good use of all the waste found in the environment. This not only reduces the load on resources in addition to creating new products that are valuable and benefits the planet.

Thus, doesn’t Upcycling turn into a creative process that can breathe in life into the trash and change the course of the planet towards sustainable living?


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