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Tips To Find the Right Background Check Partner For Your Company

2022-05-18 08:51:08

If you own a company, it is best to hire background verification companies for employee background checks. Professional background check companies check out the information and details that some recruiters have missed out and sometimes ignored, considering the point irrelevant. Some of the basic details that background companies look out for are:

  • Any variance in background information related to education
  • Gap in experience
  • Diverse skill sets
  • Names of organizations of institutions or organizations that are unrecognized
  • Complete verification of higher education certificates.
  • Criminal background check


Hence, don't miss any essential information and make employment decisions based on any incomplete data. Using online or in-house resources for conducting checks can be a risky statement. Leave the process of background screening to the experts.


Things to consider while looking for potential vendors are:


Check the vendor’s flexibility 

The needs of your company differ from other organizations and may also evolve over time. You should look for a vendor who will fulfill your requirements even in the future. Select vendors who are flexible with your requirements. Consider vendors who perform complete employee background verification and doing all pre-employment screening checks to ease all your work.


Check all the services offered by the vendor

Different positions in an organization require separate methods of verification. One method cannot suit all positions. This is the reason vendors in all organizations must have a wide range of services that enables you to conduct the right level of employee background verification of candidates. For instance, the same vendor must have a well-prepared strategy to quickly verify a person's national ID and in-depth screening criteria for executive-level positions. 


Check the global capabilities of the background check vendor

In the current scenario, it is very common that candidates have lived, studied, or worked in another country. Hence, you should know the capabilities of your vendor. Is the vendor capable and eligible to conduct searches outside India? Does the vendor cover all parts of the world? Can they perform employee background checks outside India?


Look out for connections of vendors with other higher agencies

Sometimes, to conduct a reference check or criminal background check, vendors might have to take assistance from some other authorities like Police. For criminal background checks, they need to contact the police station of the respective area of the employee. For this, the vendors must have a proper connection with the authorities or agencies. This will help you in getting sourced information you need in an efficient manner.


Check the time taken to deliver results 

The best screening background vendors will provide you timely results without compromising on quality. 


Data privacy must be maintained by the vendor

Privacy of data is essential for any company. You need to ask the vendor how he will manage compliance with the applicable data privacy laws on a global scale.


Ease in utilizing the vendor's services

If the vendor's way of using services is overcomplicated, it will be a definite disadvantage. The report prepared by the verification partner must be easy to understand as well as adjudicated. 


Understand the customer service policy of the verification partner

Even if the vendor's system or solution is perfect, at one point or another, you will need assistance from the vendor. Confirm if there are multiple channels of communication to reach the vendor. When you need a person for assistance and hands-on care, there must be someone ready on the background check partner's end to clear your queries.


The background check partner must value and understand the experience of the candidate

Background screening of the candidate is an uncertain experience for potential employees. The best background check partners treat the candidates with respect and care and present a positive image of the employee's organization.


The vendor needs to Integrate with HR systems

The partner must integrate into the tracking system of the applicant. This can help in streamlining the hiring processes and also reduce duplicate data entry, time, administration, and management.



With a surge in cases of fraud of employees in many organizations, this background verification is a must for companies. Organizations, whether they are large or small, must hire a professional third party for background verification to check the overall background of the employees. The importance of proper background screening is better understood by the HR teams in the process of hiring experienced candidates. This article has provided a clear overview of what you should be looking at in employee background verification companies before hiring them as partners. If you follow the above given method, you will hire a long-term screening partner for your company.


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