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Back / Overcoming Distance and Restrictions: FactSuite's Solution to Conducting Physical Address Verification in Remote Indian Regions during COVID-1

Overcoming Distance and Restrictions: FactSuite's Solution to Conducting Physical Address Verification in Remote Indian Regions during COVID-1

2023-03-09 13:39:05

The Client
In this case study, the customer is a well-known microfinance organization situated in Kolkata, India. The organization has operations in several Indian states, including Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and the Northeastern region. The customer is tasked with performing physical address verification on their field executives, who are generally stationed in distant villages and tier 4 and tier 5 cities. 

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a significant challenge for the customer when it came to conducting physical address verification for their field executives. The process of physical verification is always a daunting task, but the situation was further complicated by the social distancing measures in place as a result of the pandemic. The safety of the field executives was at risk, and the existing background verification vendor refused to conduct the verification process, leaving the customer in a precarious situation. 

The field executives handle cash daily, and there was no way to revoke the verification process, which raised concerns about the credibility and reputation of the organization. Additionally, the COVID-19 restrictions made it difficult to conduct address verifications in remote areas, where access is limited, and mobility is a challenge. The customer was in a critical situation and needed a solution quickly to keep their business operations running smoothly and their customers' trust intact. 

FactSuite promptly assessed the problem and leveraged its strong partner network across the country to offer the customer with uninterrupted service. The trusted and reliable partners accepted the challenge, conforming to all legislative regulations and prioritizing the safety and well-being of the field executives. FactSuite's vast geographical reach enabled them to extend services to customers even in the most remote locations. 

FactSuite has been able to service the customer without any problems for the previous months, completing all verifications within the agreed-upon deadline. The organization's vast geographical reach and robust partner network have earned them a good reputation among its consumers, who rely on the company to offer flawless services even during difficult times. 

This case study demonstrates FactSuite's capacity to provide seamless address verification services even during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic. The company's vast geographical coverage and strong partner network, together with a commitment to prioritizing their customers' safety and well-being, position them to deliver uninterrupted services to their clients during a crisis, especially in remote locations with restricted access and mobility. Because of FactSuite's efforts, the company was able to keep its business processes functioning efficiently and maintain the trust of its customers. The case study emphasizes the value of having a trustworthy companion to assist you to navigate through difficult times and discover solutions to complex difficulties. 

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