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Internal Communication is Imperative to Maintain the Engagement of Emp

2022-01-18 12:33:23

Table of Contents

  1. What is meant by Internal Communications?
  2. 9 Reasons Why Internal Communication Is Important.
    • Increased Employee Participation
    • Satisfaction of Employees
    • The Productivity of the Employees
    • Inform Employees About Any Change in Management
    • Teamwork
    • Retention of Employees
    • Empowerment of The Employees
    • Culture of The Company
    • Focus on Creativity and Innovation
  3. Conclusion


The importance of Internal Communication is to maintain the engagement of employees for every company.  The business is rapidly changing in these current times with innovations to overcome the crisis, etc. The demographics of the workforce are also changing with the times. The one thing that stays constant is that there must be effective communication between employers and employees. A company must set tools to encourage success in the work environment. A workplace needs strong internal communication. It is said to be one of the key mechanisms that motivate the employees to reach their goals. Internal communications with the employees are generally done by the Human Resource Management (HRM).

What is meant by Internal Communications?

Internal Communication to describe in the base level is a function responsible for having effective communications with the employees in any company. The particular scope, as well as its function, varies depending on the organisation. 

Its process usually involves creating and delivering messages on behalf of senior management. It facilitates dialogues between the employer and the employees.

This includes informing the people in the organisation about any new event or announcing any new policy introduced, etc. The Importance of Internal Communication is paramount for an organisation’s success. These usually come under the responsibility of the Human Resource or the PR or Marketing department.

This article below has specified nine reasons concerning why internal communications are essential in Human Resource Management:


 1. Increased Employee Participation

Internal communications play a critical role in Employee Engagement. It has also been proven in the past that companies that have better internal communications have an increased rate of employee participation.

To raise communications with the employees and increase their participation rate:

  • Have an exact list of the expectations of the employees.
  • Inform your employees about your plans.
  • The Human Resource Department should make it easy for employees to get essential information.
  • There should be a clear Human Resource Strategy for all the employees.


   2. Satisfaction of Employees

Participation of the employees is directly related to their satisfaction levels. Employees who get less engaged are less satisfied. If the internal communication is poor or has miscommunication, this can be a cause for that.

If Human Resource Management communicates with employees on regular intervals and properly, it can lead to employee satisfaction. 


 3. The Productivity of the Employees

If there is increased Employee Engagement and they are satisfied, it will boost their productivity. Companies having well-structured communication with the Human Resource Department enjoys increased productivity, profits and revenues. 

If you regularly inform your employees about their work goals and provide regular feedback on their work. They will work harder to achieve their goals.


 4. Inform Employees About Any Change in Management

One of the primary duties of the HRM is to communicate about the changes within the organisation to its employees. If there is any change in management, there should be a proper introduction with the employees.

For an efficient and fast change in management, the company needs to have a proper Human Resource Strategy.

Tips on how to communicate with the employees about any change in management:

  • Communicate frequently and consistently.
  • Communication is to be done using multiple channels such as writing, speaking, training, as well as other communication tools.


 5. Teamwork

For teamwork, the importance of Internal Communication as a Human Resource Approach is critical. Most of the jobs in current times ask their employees to work in groups. For these team leaders and employees must easily communicate with each other.

Hence the Human Resource Department needs to have invested in the internal communications to optimise and organise the teamwork within their company. These can be done by arranging Team Lunch or a small team picnic or just a small programme of the team to create a better bonding between the team.

 6. Retention of Employees

HRM should look for Human Resource requirements before hiring a specific person. These will help the team, and also the other employees. If the employee is fully capable of a particular project, he/she will retain their job. 

Communication with the employees concerning their work is highly essential to retain them. Make them clear about their goals in the beginning.

7. Empowerment of The Employees

HRM needs to enable Human Resource planning importance within the organization. They should empower the employees by providing them with proper training and enhancing their skills whenever required; this can be done through appropriate communication of the HRM with the employees. The Importance of Internal Communication is also in the form of getting constant feedback and communicating regularly with the employees regarding any innovations.

The management also needs to trust the employees with their given skills. If employees’ skills are upgraded, they won’t make a change and retain in the organisation.


 8. Culture of The Company

There should be proper internal communications to create a better culture in a company. Present a clear view of the vision and objectives of the company to the employees. If there is proper Internal Communications with the HRM, there will be a healthy work environment.

 9. Focus on Creativity and Innovation

Innovation is imperative to get a competitive edge for any company. HRM needs to focus on Human Resource Development to bring on more creativity and innovationTo encourage more innovations and be ahead of all your competitors, you need to have a culture of introducing innovations in your organisation.

Key Takeaway

An organization’s way of internal communication has got a significant impact on the employees’ productivity. The primary element to build a proper strategy for internal communication is to involve all the people in higher management as well as the employees and managers. In general, the Human Resource Department functions as a mediator between the employees and higher management, so they should have a well-equipped strategy to communicate correctly with the employees to bring out employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

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