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How to Prepare for a Last Minute Job Interview

2022-05-19 09:38:50

You applied for a job, your C.V. got shortlisted and you’re invited for an interview. The only problem, the interview is the next day and you have less than 24 hours to prepare. Here’s how you can effectively prepare for a last minute job interview.

Run a quick online search about the company

Make sure you understand the business of the company before you go for the interview. Browse the company website, the company’s social media accounts – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, do an online search and read press articles about the company, read the company’s blog, read their mission and vision statements and other online sources that could provide information about the company. It’s always a plus if the interviewers know that you are aware of the company and have been following the company activities. Besides, the more knowledge you have, the more confident you will feel.

Understand the job profile

Read the job description thoroughly, understand the expectations of the job role and get a sense of what your responsibilities will be. This understanding will lead to a number of questions that you could ask the interviewers. 

Prepare to present yourself as a potential candidate

Based on what you learn about the company from the online search and the job description, try to comprehend what qualities and personality characteristics would make you the most suitable candidate for the job role. 


You know your strengths, skills and weaknesses. Whereas your strengths and skills will help in presenting yourself suitably, make sure you present your weaknesses as potential and not as drawbacks. That means you’re willing to learn and take on challenges. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to try to sway the interviewer to hire you despite your shortcomings. It means that your interviewer must feel a sense of faith in your potential.

Make yourself stand out

Interviewers do not want to hear about your weaknesses but want to see self-awareness in candidates. Make a mental note of your competencies that would be required for the particular job. Keep in mind one or two achievement stories or experiences in the past jobs where you took up challenges. If you have limited work experience, show the interviewers that you aren’t experienced but highly motivated and passionate. 

Make a note of questions that you want to ask the interviewers

Here’s the trick. Do not ask obvious questions about the company or the industry. The interviewers would expect candidates to know the obvious. Your questions are an opportunity to let the interviewers know your capabilities. The questions could be generic but tailored to that particular company or industry.

Anticipate the questions that you could be asked

Make a note of the basic questions that interviewers ask candidates. These could be as simple as your expected salary or notice period at the current job. Remember to answer with specificity and do not give a vague, unsure answer. Being specific and to the point is a characteristic that a number of professional companies follow and expect as company culture.

Dress sharp and appropriate

Depending on the company and job profile that you’ve applied to, dress accordingly. For eg, an advertisement agency might not expect a graphic designed to dress in a formal white shirt, but they would expect it from a candidate for the role of an HR manager. If possible wear new clothes if you already have a pair in your wardrobe. Research shows that wearing new clothes lifts up our energy and vibe and generally adds to our feel good factor.


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