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How Mobile Applications can Accelerate the Functioning of the HR Industry?

2022-07-06 10:54:18

Disruptive innovations are developing new business models and eliminating outdated ones. Due to this technological advancement, social networks and data analytics are significantly impacting how people will communicate, collaborate and work. Currently, every organization is in a war for hiring the best workforce for their company, and the human resource department is affected directly due to that situation. Mobile technology is something that revolutionized the whole process in one go. 

The HR department is the central part of an organization, and the department is responsible for managing everything right from hiring to performance appraisal and employee management. In fact, according to the TRUCE survey, 62% of respondents said that mobile devices are crucial and enhance their productivity at work. That's why the HR management has joined hands with this emerging mobile app technology that offers practical solutions to improve efficiency. 


The latest human technology platform enables businesses to manage employees and automate office operations without hassle.  


Mobile Use is HR Emerging Needs

Undoubtedly most people are addicted to their phones, and employees appreciate mobile use as much as customers. It is shown that 37% of mobile users depend on their phones to access pay information through HR apps. 

The technological transformation wave creates an impact on an organization in two ways:


1. It provides various tools for better management and engages the best talent within the company. 

2. Enables the HR department to shift its focus from employee management to driving revenue.


The company is harnessing the power of the mobile app and cloud technology to hire the right talent. Thus it provides businesses with various opportunities to make changes for the better. 


Four Crucial Benefits of Mobile Application in the HR Department

1. Ideal for Recruitment

Mobile technology is not affecting how employees are using the information. It is just changing the way businesses recruit new employees. 

As per the capterra in 2016, more HR tools offer functionality, and HR professionals use mobile devices for applying, recruiting, and working. Moreover, according to Deloitte Global's mobile consumer survey, 97% of adults aged between 18 to 24 check their phones three waking and check their phone 74 times a day. 

The HR mobile platforms have significantly impacted both internal and external GR functions. An advanced and feature-rich recruitment app makes the hiring process smooth for the management and the applicants.

2. Intuitive Design

Whether it is HRIS or HCM, efficiently designed, mobile apps have user – a friendly experience even the users are getting slick to it. Thus the HR department needs to stay updated and walk with the latest market trends. Various mobile apps are designed so perfectly that they help the hiring managers solve their problems in no time. 

 3. Enhance Productivity

Low engagement results in reduced productivity of the employee. Since it directly impacts the company's bottom line, 70% of employees feel overwhelmed due to poor communication. For that, the company is required to adopt new technologies. But, mobile accessibility gets half of its work done by using smartphones. Sharing the task via smartphones will automatically boost productivity.

The mobile app usage will essentially kill two birds with one stone. One is that the staff has access to share the information efficiently without causing any bottlenecks in HR, and the hiring department can also focus on the task. 

 4. Interactive Learning

Besides enhancing productivity and efficiency and creating a better workplace, the mobile enterprise app enables the employees with an increased scope of interactive learning. Currently, a mobile app can be a great learning tool for employees. Like introducing the new employee to a training process, an HR-focused mobile app will continue to play a significant role in learning and creating a better workplace with constant inputs. 


Useful Mobile Apps for HR Management  

The HR department has enormous responsibility but worries not. Numerous mobile apps help manage your daily operations with ease and accessibility. Some of them are:


1. HR Software – Hibob

The Hibob mobile app is a complete package of HR solutions. The HR team can complete the hiring process quickly; drive engagement with employees, share company news, update on work status, and much more other work. On the other hand, the employees can also update their birthdays, leave applications and easily connect via messages. It establishes accessible communication between employees and the HR department. 

2. Payroll Software – Gusto

Gusto does not do not have a downloaded app for HR. It is a mobile-friendly experience that, upon logging through phone and table, greets you. The user can complete the same HR function on a desktop with a mobile browser. Gusto offers unique features to employees via its Gusto wallet app. The app allows one to host checks, banking, saving, and emergency funds simultaneously. 

3. Attendance and Time – ZoomShift

It is an easy-to-use employee scheduling software on mobile apps. It takes only a few minutes to learn how it works. Also, the employer can schedule, create payroll reports, edit timesheets and communicate through in-app messages. The app is incredibly beneficial for the employees because they can clock in, clock out, set the availability, request time off, and many more features. 


How Mobile Apps Shape the Future of the HR Department?

 An internal business mobile app is ideal for improving HR department efficiency. The employees in the organizations are using smartphones to connect and complete tasks. Also, it is more convenient because mobile apps are a faster and more accurate alternative option for HR management. 

This mobile app offers various opportunities to the organization for reform, improves the HR process, and makes them more functional by boosting employees' productivity. These steps further lead a giant step toward creating a futuristic successful HR management system. 


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