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Global Hiring 101 - How to Attract and Retain Global Talent

2022-07-26 04:42:57

Today, hiring around the globe is simpler than ever. Assuming you can identify, choose, and employ qualified overseas talent. Back then, it was common for the culture of the workplace to promote career longevity among employees. As they look for new challenges and possibilities to further their careers, people are more likely to switch employment every few years today.

Because of the current global business climate, more businesses can look into international growth and investigate prospects outside their national borders. Your business' recruiting methods are more crucial than ever in the constantly shifting employment environment. To assist you in building a diverse, world-class staff, we'll break down ten successful recruitment tactics.

Establishing an effective hiring procedure

The hiring process may differ from firm to company based on factors such as organizational structure, selection criteria, operational style, etc. But any carefully thought-out recruiting procedure should assist the hiring team in finding the best applicant. We employed a recruiting process to locate, attract, and keep the best people. The steps are:

1. Set objectives and goals

It is crucial for hiring globally, perhaps even more so than for recruitment in general. As a result, in addition to the measures you currently take throughout the typical hiring process, you need further adjust your procedure as you enter a new domain.

Here are some more things to think about while developing goals and objectives:

  • What location will the role be filled in?
  • What precise linguistic aptitudes or regional expertise are you seeking in a candidate?
  • Why do you wish to attempt global hiring? Do you want to increase the diversity of your staff, for instance, or are there specific capabilities you can't find in your native country?
  • In which nations or areas would you concentrate your recruitment efforts?

2. Put a priority on diversity and inclusion

By emphasizing inclusive and fair recruiting procedures, your business may promote diversity in the workplace. Consider your present team's diversity in terms of gender, race, abilities/disabilities, ethnicity, and age when evaluating prospective prospects.

Your firm will flourish if your workforce is more diverse since it will provide you access to a broader range of solutions, ideas, and points of view. Furthermore, organizations with a diversified staff typically do better financially. In the COVID-19 era, diversity is even more vital since it fosters innovation and economic growth that are crucial to recovering our society's economy.

The possibility of prejudice in your company's hiring procedures can be reduced by concentrating on diversity, inclusion, and equity programs. Additionally, it demonstrates to future hires that your organization values putting people first.

3. Optimize Your Job Descriptions

Examine your published job descriptions more closely. These are among the most popular and straightforward methods of hiring for jobs. They are, however, one of the most important tools your organization has for directing eligible applicants to available positions. Are the details in your job descriptions sufficient to persuade candidates to apply?

Specific details regarding the duties performed daily should be included in job descriptions. They should be honest about the skills you're seeking in a candidate and details like pay, perks, and the expected number of hours. Finding individuals that will be an excellent long-term match might be aided through transparency.

These job listings allow you to sell your company's culture to prospective candidates and outline the role. Consider including a section on what distinguishes your business from others and why your present team members adore it.

4. Identify fresh sources of opportunity

Different sourcing channels will be needed for a new talent market. There may be employment boards specific to the industry you are hiring for. Look at ways to make it clear that you will be hiring talent from across the world in the future.

Some options to think about are:

  • Updating your career site's purpose statement. Show that you are willing to consider talent from around the world!
  • Use the appropriate terminology in the job names and descriptions. Is the job remote? Say so. Exists it in more than one place? Mark the appropriate boxes.
  • Posting jobs on foreign job boards
  • Advertising that is geographically targeted. Utilizing Facebook for recruitment makes this simple to do.
  • Highlighting your abilities to attract global talent. What distinguishes you from other nearby businesses?

5. Build a powerful Employee Value Proposition

The EVP outlines the "give and get" of the employment agreement and describes what the business most wants to be identified with as an employer. Employees may expect to contribute this value in exchange for the value they will get. What components are needed to create a solid EVP, then?

There are virtually endless possibilities for what you might include in your EVP, but the following are some typical ones:

  • Are your pay rates reasonable?
  • What kinds of advantages do you provide? Who is qualified?
  • What kind of atmosphere do you work in? Is the culture of your business balanced? How does it feel to be employed by your business?
  • Employees have autonomy, or are they subject to micromanagement?
  • What other forms of compensation (besides pay) are there for employees' efforts? Do you frequently give out incentives, or do you give out rewards to people who finish the year strong or hit a specific milestone?

You'll need a compelling offer to draw in the best prospects, just like you would draw in consumers and clients.

6. Use a collaborative hiring process

Another recruitment approach that can have a significant impact is collaborative hiring. It's significant for several reasons. There are probably several parties involved in your employment procedure, which is a first and vital point. Your new hires won't be operating in a vacuum unless they are astronauts. The job of individuals surrounding a recruit will be impacted.

It doesn't imply that every department head must approve of a new employee, but they should be at least involved. It's crucial to pay attention to and consider your staff's opinions. They are in a special position to offer information on the job and the applicants vying for it. Other methods that your coworkers can assist with hiring are also possible.

Collaborative hiring aids in protecting businesses against a variety of cognitive biases—the ingrained errors people make in thinking while processing information. Always keeping an eye out for cognitive biases is a good idea. Your coworkers can assist you in your efforts to understand and recognize unconscious biases.

7. Allow for accessibility in multiple languages

Most significantly, you must be able to communicate with people in the many languages spoken in the places you want to employ. Finding international talent demands some skill. During international talent searches, it is critical to provide your recruitment efforts in several languages for the following reasons:

  • It demonstrates initiative and a readiness to meet the requirements of the world's talent.
  • The simplicity of application will appeal to international talent.
  • Additionally, potential clients will find it simple to learn about your business!
  • Additionally, it strengthens the impression that you are an inclusive, varied workplace.
  • The issue is that most businesses don't have the time to translate every job listing, job title, job description, application, etc.

8. Take Part in Networking Events

Meeting people in your business at conferences and meetups is a terrific way to expand your professional network. It's also beneficial to establish connections with passive applicants who aren't actively looking for a new job because they could be interested in joining your team in the future.

Many of these gatherings are becoming digital, enabling you to participate in business gatherings worldwide without having to leave your house. Through these networking opportunities, you may get in touch with foreign talent who could be interested in working for you or interning abroad.

These gatherings, whether in person or online, can assist you in discovering the talent within your sector. They present passionate experts committed to your industry and eager to advance. These events may become effective recruitment techniques for businesses looking to hire top talent.

9. Look at remote employment options

A successful remote work program may make your company the top choice for a much wider pool of skilled people. Remote work is now more efficient and manageable than ever, thanks to technological advances in communication and collaboration. Many high-functioning teams effectively use a remote work arrangement.

Remote team members provide a corporation with a variety of special advantages. A company's operating hours might span many time zones, thanks to remote work. It might imply continuous project progress or round-the-clock client assistance.

Other advantages of including remote team members are:

  • Enlisting as many team members as you can in a colocated workplace environment
  • Obtaining different viewpoints from team members worldwide
  • Removing language barriers between both team members and potential customers
  • Increasing the cultural diversity of your team

10. Create consistent candidate experiences worldwide

While it would be ideal if job searchers visited your career site and submitted an application immediately, we know several touchpoints are required to stay on their minds. Other companies in the neighbourhood were probably actively looking to hire the top data analyst in San Francisco for a while.

However, with the relaxation of geographic constraints, the same top specialist recruit may now be accepting offers to work remotely for a forward-thinking company in France. The best way to compete is to give candidates a consistent, branded experience with points of contact that make talented people from anywhere in the world feel like they belong.

Final thoughts

Businesses that successfully implement a plan for employing an international workforce will prosper in today's fiercely competitive industry. As more businesses explore going worldwide, it's critical to comprehend the advantages of employing internationally and the tactics that enable effective global expansion.


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