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CASE STUDY III: Beyond Court Records: How FactSuite's Partner Network and Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Led a Landmark Fact-Finding Case.

2023-05-08 22:32:50

Client: A company seeking to verify the credentials of a potential hire with some alerts in criminal court records 

Problem: During the verification process of a candidate for this company, it was discovered that the candidate had a court database alert. This left the customer confused about whether to proceed with the hire or not. This finding surfaced while the credentials of the candidate were verified across the court databases in India. 

When the employer discovered a court record alert during the verification process of this potential candidate, it created a dilemma. On the one hand, the alert raised a red flag, suggesting that the candidate may have had legal trouble in the past, but on the other hand, the employer did not have enough information about the alert to make an informed decision. Without the details of the case, the employer could not make a just decision on whether to proceed with the hiring process or not. The challenge for the employer was essentially to balance the need to act on the red flag with the need to ensure fairness by not making a negative decision without a fair chance to evaluate the matter thoroughly. 

Intervention: FactSuite extended assistance to the customer by volunteering to explore the situation further from where it was left. Having identified the peculiar nature of the investigation, the team had already gotten to work, venturing into all possibilities of collecting more information on the revealed court database finding. However, the findings from the court database could only act as a prompt for this employee background investigation, considering the limitations of the information accessible through this source and the necessity to authenticate the findings with more solid proof. 

To obtain additional information on the investigation, the team contacted its extensive pan-Indian network of trustworthy associates, followed by the relevant jurisdictional police station. We were able to secure a copy of the FIR from a remote sub-urban police station in Andhra Pradesh, where the case against the concerned individual had been filed. Conducting background checks for potential candidates presents a daunting challenge for those, particularly those from Tier 4 and Tier 5 cities or remote locations on the outskirts. Nevertheless, with a wealth of industry experience spanning over a decade, we meticulously crafted our solution to overcome this obstacle, enabling us to handle this investigation with unwavering proficiency and zero impediments. A copy of the FIR was sent to the customer as additional proof for the court records and as the substitute information requested by the employer. 

Resolution: FactSuite's dedication to client satisfaction drove us to go above and beyond to investigate and venture to the depths of the issue to find the most satisfactory solution. The team acknowledged that obtaining court documents and verifying applicants in rural places can be difficult and time-consuming. FactSuite's partner network, on the other hand, is extensive and includes even the most remote corners of the country, ensuring that we are well-equipped to fulfill any verification request. 

FactSuite assisted the customer in making an informed judgment regarding the potential employee by voluntarily taking on the duty of further investigating the problem and getting the FIR. While the challenge brought to us was one of information shortage, we did not stop at finding an FIR. We went above and beyond by physically visiting the concerned police station, procuring a copy of the FIR, and promptly forwarding the document to the employer. This exemplifies our unwavering dedication to ensuring our client's complete satisfaction by delivering nothing short of exceptional service. 

FactSuite's commitment to customer-centricity meant that we were able to provide much-needed support to the customer, despite the challenge posed by the court record alert and the limited information in there. This investigation establishes how FactSuite was not only willing but equipped to go the extra mile to bring resolution to clients' requests. 

Conclusion: In this instance, FactSuite exhibited a commitment to customer pleasure and accessibility. We were able to help the client make an informed decision and reach a favorable conclusion by going above and beyond to obtain more information and support the consumer. This circumstance emphasizes the importance of a company's dedication to its consumers and the benefits it provides to their relationship. Upon closing this investigation successfully, the customer was very satisfied with the conclusion, reinforcing FactSuite's image as a reputed verification partner which provides exceptional service. 

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