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Case Study II- Tailored Solutions for Unique Problems: FactSuite's Swift Intervention in a Time of Crisis

2023-04-13 09:56:43

Client: The client is one of Singapore's largest staffing and workforce management companies. 

Problem: Due to their existing Background Verification Partners’ failure in complying with various inspections during the pandemic, the client's operations were affected, causing pending employee investigation requests to build up and delays in the verification process. 

The pandemic created numerous hurdles for the background verification sector, such as delays in acquiring required documents and difficulties performing in-person interviews and site visits. The primary challenge that had surfaced in this case was the backlog that had built up with many pending employee investigation requests that needed to be taken care of. The delays had further caused a major disruption in timelines, which had affected business operations by the time the case was brought to us. Along with a resolution to the backlog, there was a disturbed operational framework that was to be restored. 

Intervention: FactSuite proved its worth as a trusted background verification partner by quickly stepping in to solve the issue. We realised the importance of the customer's problem and prioritised faster delivery as an immediate course of action. The team acted quickly to assess the scope of the problem and identify the outstanding cases that required urgent attention. The initial resolution after taking over the case was to prioritise it, considering the criticality of speed in these investigations. 

To guarantee that the customer's expectations were met, the FactSuite team went above and beyond to expedite the verification process and dramatically reduce the turnaround time (TAT). This was quickly translated into actionable results. We streamlined their processes and established best practises to ensure that the verification process was completed on time for the customer. 

Furthermore, after we were able to close off the gaps in the delayed investigations, we took the next necessary step to ensure that the delay created by the other provider did not negatively impact the clients’ operations any further. The team took full responsibility for the delays and made sure that the customer was satisfied with the outcome. The process was brought back into alignment with the timelines so that the disturbed framework is better balanced. 

One crucial aspect of this resolution involves addressing the deficiencies caused by the COVID pandemic and restoring order in a post-pandemic world. FactSuite has been able to provide seamless service delivery, even during the most challenging times of a global crisis, owing to the robust partner network that it has carefully cultivated over the years. This network has enabled greater accessibility for our clients, such as in cases where physical verification, in-person checks, or the collection of documents from different institutions were necessary. As a result, our clients have been able to access solutions more easily, even in challenging circumstances. 

Resolution: The dedicated and swift intervention by FactSuite during a time of crisis not only remedied the issue, but also reinforced the strong foundation of trust that already existed between FactSuite and the clients. This had paved a way for expanded business opportunities and future partnership with this client.  

At FactSuite, client satisfaction is always our top priority. Even though it was a hectic time of year, we made it a point to give this employee investigation request top priority because we had a thorough understanding of the client's issues and a sympathetic disposition towards them. We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in our industry, given the unique nature of the problems we encounter with each new investigation request. When the client sought pace of delivery in resolving their issues, we were more than happy to leverage our expertise in ensuring quality while also streamlining the process to meet their needs efficiently, or even faster than expected. We believe that our commitment to providing personalised solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients is what truly sets us apart in the industry and drives our continued success with each case. 

The client was impressed with FactSuite’s compelling proposition of unparalleled excellence in business operations, with utmost quality, remarkable speed and efficiency.  FactSuite has now been designated as the client's preferred background verification partner because of the great experience we could deliver to them via the means of our services. This status applies to both the client's domestic and global hiring needs. 

Conclusion: This case study demonstrates the critical role that verification and compliance solutions providers, such as FactSuite, play in the background verification industry, particularly during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. FactSuite's ability to provide fast and timely turnaround times (TAT) despite the challenges caused by the pandemic underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction. It's worth noting that the pandemic brought many challenges to the background verification industry, including delays in obtaining necessary documents or physical visit processes. 

FactSuite's success in this case study also highlights the importance of providing tailored solutions to meet individual client needs, especially during times of crisis. By going above and beyond to compensate for the delay caused by the other background verification partners, FactSuite not only resolved the client's issue but also gained their trust and established a long-term business relationship. Overall, this case study serves as an example of how dedication, promptness, and outstanding service can result in positive outcomes and long-term success, even in the face of challenges brought on by a global crisis.

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