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A Majority of Organizations Favor Support Staff Verification. Here's Why Yours Should Too!

2022-06-08 10:35:39

Irrespective of its size, every organization has support staff members. Though they are not involved in the business operations directly, they play a vital role by undertaking some repetitive tasks and thus, ensuring a hassle-free working experience for other employees.


Gone are those days when a support staff was hired based on just one parameter - monthly remuneration. No further relevant questions were asked, let alone any support staff background check. However, there has been a paradigm shift lately! With factors such as the organization's safety, its culture and employee protection, data privacy, and importance of people’s health at the workplace securing an apex position in the priority list of companies, support staff screening is enjoying the backing of many small and big players of the corporate world.


Most industries and their players have started realizing the significance of screening their support staff before hiring them. Whether temporary or full-time, the companies leverage support staff background checks to keep any untoward occurrence far north from their internal operations. 


Corporates now favor background verification for their contract-based and permanent support staff, and here's why you should join this club too.


  • For Organizations, Safety Holds a Paramount Importance

Companies give utmost attention to the safety of their employees and culture. A support staff who is not experienced, a drug or alcohol addict, or someone who holds fake credentials may jeopardize the safety of everyone at the workplace. Further, screening of support staff also ensures the well-being of the employees. In this pandemic era, everyone must take preventive measures such as vaccination to battle against the virus. A comprehensive support staff screening checks the credentials of the support staff along with their identity, conducts a drug test, health, and COVID check. On the whole, these vital components have been magnetizing more and more organizations to leverage background checks for their support staff and establish or intact the safety of their workplace.


  • After all, Data is the New Oil

For every company, their data is synonymous with a precious asset. From a product's secret recipe to the code of a mobile application, companies spend a fortune to prevent their data breach. Therefore, they undertake screening even for their support staff, who are mostly on the company’s premises and around such sensitive data. The support staff also have to deal directly with employees working on confidential data or discussing a classified project. You never know if a support staff turns into a spy and eavesdrops on this not-to-be-disclosed-to-anyone information. Or, support staff personnel may run off with some inventory/documents/belongings of the organization. To curb such matters, support staff screening is no less than a boon for owners and managers. Reference checks, employment verification, and criminal background verification are the components that ensure firms about their data safety. All these elements together help the recruiter make an educated decision of hiring the support staff personnel.


  • Because Corporates Don't Want Legal Troubles

A company has onboarded a support staff without screening. Now let's imagine the following scenarios.

  • That person has conducted a crime in a different city and has absconded to the company’s place.
  • The same support staff member has forged an identity document to get the job.
  • They have some unresolved issues in their last employment tenure.


In all these scenarios, there are chances that the company will be bothered by the authorities. There may be some legal troubles too that may hamper the business operations. Therefore, to give a wide berth to all these circumstances, organizations prefer to screen their support staff well before hiring them. A support staff with a clean record results in one less thing to worry about at the workplace.


  • Companies Also Have Contract-Based Support Staff

Background verification plays a pivotal role in the case of contract-based support staff. The tenure of the support staff with the company is already limited in this arrangement. And no organization would want to get stuck in the fire-and-hire loop in this span. Therefore, companies make sure that they select those who have a clean record and can complete the tasks effectively and efficiently. And it's the background check that helps the corporates hire the most suitable people for their contract-based support staff team.


So, When Are You Availing Support Staff Screening Service?

With so many advantages of support staff background checks, it is recommended to leverage it before hiring any staff in your team. A complete screening of support staff protects your organization against data theft, legal and financial difficulties, and safeguards your employees. Like employee background verification, verifying support staff is gaining immense popularity. A majority of companies are already following the trend. When will yours?


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