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A Learning Experience that Helped me Craft my Career Path, Thanks to FactSuite

2022-06-21 04:26:17

“Internship” the word is synonymous with experience, learning, and much more. Internships are becoming one of the most popular ways to gain knowledge and understanding of a field in a real-time scenario. It allows individuals or students to learn about the profession they are interested in, while also working with professionals in that field.

There are many benefits to internships, including networking opportunities and professional skills development. An internship is also an opportunity that prepares you for future professional gigs. It helps you understand your strengths, interests, and areas of improvement. Further, it provides insight into how your chosen industry works and what it takes to thrive there. It may demonstrate to a future employer your commitment to work. 

Internships can be done at companies, non-profit organizations, and even universities. They can last anywhere from a few weeks, or months to a full year. And that one internship you perform over the summer or winter can be a meaningful and lifetime learning experience. It can even be your deciding metric whether you would like to continue in a particular industry or not. 

However, while selecting an organization for an internship, it is imperative to look for learning opportunities and real-time growth. The work done during an internship can add enormously to your profile leading to secure meaningful opportunities in the future. 

To ensure you choose a suitable company for your internship and analyze what works the best for you, I, Shaily Nihalani, a student of BBA at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune would like to share with you my internship story and experiences at FactSuite. 


What I learned during my internship:

I worked with FactSuite for almost a year, and for the first few days, I was confused as this was my first-time hands-on learning opportunity in a real corporate scenario. Yet, my supportive colleagues helped me make the process simpler and more convenient at every stage. It helped to make the process fun and uncomplicated. And the year just passed in no time. The internship term was full of productivity and engagement.

Each day was a new experience. I acquired dynamic exposure in the industry by contributing to numerous elements of the business as part of a developing firm. To encourage enthusiastic participation in the firm, I was a part of the anticipated tasks that were well-articulated and organized. Thus, enabling me to improve my personal and professional abilities. Also, helping me to become a better version of myself. In this process, I also discovered my future passion. 


Few other learning experiences gained at FactSuite:


1. Gain real-world experience

Although you can get an unlimited amount of education during your life, this knowledge does not always translate to the job. Thus, the internship allowed me to apply my skills, knowledge, and theoretical practice acquired at University in a real-time setting, benefitting me by learning about my areas and companies of interest. It provided me with a decent learning curve and a much professional experience.


2. Discover More About Myself

To know yourself is to know your goals and how to best achieve them. The process of finding this level of clarity can be challenging, but sometimes all it takes is trying someone different, out of your comfort zone. And internships are a great way to do it. This internship not only encouraged me with personal development but also catered me with a greater understanding of myself and my goals.


3. Expand your professional network 

Networking is the exchange of information between people to form professional networks and ties that help you progress in your career. As an intern, I had the additional opportunity to form relationships with corporate personnel, which I believe will be advantageous in my future career.


4. Internships are a great way to break into a full-time career

Internships help you showcase your skills, reliability, and commitment to a potential employer. It gives you an understanding of a company, a department, or sector, its culture, operational mechanism, and work structure. Also, helping you to understand whether you like the stream or job. And interning at FactSuite gave me a chance to explore what a career in business marketing would be like. It helped me understand the real-time marketing requirements and knowledge one must possess, thus laying the foundation for my forthcoming plans.


5. Learning by Observation

Simply connecting with corporate staff helped me learn skills and expertise. I utilized my tenure to understand the corporate culture. My observations gave me insights that would otherwise be always questionable in my mind. It helped me gain a better grasp of how the corporate world works.


Why I would recommend FactSuite: 

It was a pleasure working with the complete team at FactSuite in a friendly environment. The positive, dynamic, and inclusive working atmosphere at FactSuite provided me with the capability to handle real-time scenarios and understand my skills, and scope of improvement.

The company offered a diverse range of duties and departments to understand and follow, along with, hands-on exposure to various talents. Their setting was ideal for performing to the best of your ability alongside the professionals. Experts at FactSuite gave me a disciplined framework and a transparent working atmosphere that helped me learn about inclusivity and how a team can work together while keeping the company values intact.

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