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6 Employee Background Verification Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

2022-01-18 12:23:15

Gone are the days when employees background check was limited to last employment verification, drug, and criminal record. Today, companies around the world give paramount importance to workplace safety and therefore keep exploring smart and advanced ways of background screening. 

To keep bad hiring at bay and foster a safe and healthy working environment, companies have implemented screening processes that evolve every year. Professional background check companies fill the gap further with new screening technologies that help in obtaining a full dossier on the candidate(s).

It is, thus, advised that HRs, hiring managers, and entrepreneurs be watchful of these ever-evolving background verification trends. Below, we have compiled 6 employee verification trends to watch out for in the year 2021 to make a sound hiring decision. Have a read!


  • Remote Employees Identity Verification

Amid the pandemic, the process of remote hiring is at an all-time high. When hired remotely, the candidate never meets anyone in person and this is what makes identity verification a vital step. Though identity verification was a priority for companies in the year 2020, it will continue to rule at the top of the list in 2021. Identity verification as a part of employee background verification is crucial for organizations. Ensuring trust and safety at the workplace and preserving the corporate culture are some of the benefits that tag along with remote employees’ identity verification.


  • Background Screening Through Social Media

The graph of social media usage has seen a sharp increase in recent years. 

  • Affordable data plans, 
  • Features and advancements being added to social media platforms,
  • Presence of entertaining and informative content.

Considering all the aforementioned points, it can be confidently stated that social media isn’t going anywhere. 

But with a slew of positives attached to these platforms, there are cons too that cannot be overlooked. One offensive post, tweet, or content from an employee could cost the company its reputation. Whether the candidate is bad-mouthing about his last company or employees, involved in discriminatory comments, or making confidential information public, all can be gauged from his social media background screening. 

All in all, social media profiles say a lot about the potential candidates, and therefore their screening is a must by all employers be it small startups or established organizations. 


  • Leveraging AI in Pre-Employment Screening

Artificial Intelligence has forayed in almost every industry, with the employee background verification field being no exception. AI helps to automate resume parsing and process as well as analyze a large amount of data. Not only AI keeps away human biases and errors from creeping into the hiring process, but it also makes the employee background check efficient. It is with the use of AI and machine learning that screening can be done routinely in a fast and cost-effective manner. Indeed, a trend to keep an eye on in 2021.


  • Screening GIG and Contractual Workers

GIG economy is increasing at an overwhelming pace. All credit to these unprecedented times when job security across industries has gone for a toss. Many have now considered freelancing and contract working as a serious career option. As per The Week magazine, India’s gig economy is expected to grow to a whopping $455 billion by 2024.

Even companies love to work with gig workers. No long-term commitment and no permanent payroll. Hiring gig workers for a particular task is indeed helping companies as they cut corners during this pandemic. Even though they are temporary employees, they still pose risk for the company. They have access to inside information or details of sensitive projects. Hence, they should be vetted meticulously. As such, this year, you will see hiring managers undertaking background screening for contractual/gig workers as they do for full-time candidates.


  • Background Check of Current Employees

Many employers undertake or outsource background check for their potential candidates. Undoubtedly, pre-employment background screening reduces the risk of a bad hire. However, after onboarding the candidates, the companies feel no need to screen them ever again. 

Screening of the current employees can further ensure workplace safety. Criminal record screening and background check for drugs are two major items companies should review from time to time for their current employees. Also, current employees background check ensures that you, as a company, are always updated with the changes in your employees’ background. While there are companies around the world already involved in such a practice, the trend is here to escalate this year.


  • Vaccine Verification

Post the second wave, when employees will return to work, COVID-19 testing and vaccination verification will also have their share in the definition of a safe workplace. Protecting employees working from the office, ensuring the safety of the clients visiting the workplace, and protecting the community as a whole will sit on the top of the priority list of the companies this year. The verification will not just be limited to the current employees. The potential candidates will also have to disclose details related to their COVID-19 testing and vaccination as they accept the job offer.


Employment Verification Trends 2021 – Wrap Up

The ongoing pandemic and technological advancements have introduced these above-mentioned trends to the corporate world.  It is important for the HRs, hiring managers, and even background verification companies to leverage these trends for seamless verification and screening process of the candidates and current employees. As companies plan to hire the right talents and human resources, these trends will surely lend them a helping hand in their endeavors.

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